Understand values at a glance

We show you a candidate’s top three values, explain what they mean and allow you to compare them with a set of target values chosen by you.  You can even see the images that a candidate chose in their test to further bring them to life.


Actionable insights

For any candidate we will tell you what they value at work, what they will find hard, and how to help them thrive.  In addition we also give you interview guides based on the candidate’s values and your target values.


Fully configurable

You can set the target values to whatever you want.  You can use the average values of your existing staff to ensure candidates fit in well with the culture.  Or you can use the values of their immediate team or supervisor to minimise day-to-day conflict and improve teamwork.  Or finally you can set the target to your corporate values to ensure you recruit the kind of people you need to create that culture.



Understand your current culture

The same dashboard allows you to look at teams within the company.  We report two simple metrics – unity and fit.  Unity tells you how similar the members of a team are to each other, and fit tells you how well that team fits with your target values.  This system lets you optimise team performance and identify sources of conflict with a minimum of complexity.



The theory behind values

We use a simple, universal values model based on established scientific psychology.

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