Solid scientific foundations

Our test is based on the Schwartz universal values test.  This was designed using factor analysis and globally tested to make sure that all values measured were universal and not culturally specific.

Over 20 years of research has proven a link between these values and team cohesion, conflict at work and intent to quit a job.

Most importantly, research has shown that the positive effects of skills and previous experience are completely cancelled out if a new recruit’s values do not match those of their team.  CEB estimate that this type of values fit is responsible for 30% of performance in the first year of work.

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Image based tests

We have been making image-based tests for over 8 years.  In that time, over 40m people have taken a VisualDNA quiz.

We have proven that our image-based quizzes are as accurate as text-based quizzes for measuring standard psychometrics like the big 5 personality traits.

We have developed techniques that make our image-based quizzes very hard to fake – in the credit and risk sector our tests are used to determine if someone will pay back a loan.  Live testing has shown that users who pass our tests are 23% less likely to default on a loan than those screened by conventional methods.

Image-based quizzes are also easier and more intuitive to take than conventional ones, something that helps us achieve over 80% completion rates on many of our quizzes.

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User feedback

Our first quizzes were personality tests that spread virally on the web.  The detailed feedback we provided users led them to recommend our quizzes to their friends, leading to millions of completions in a very short space of time.  We’ve used that knowledge to make Values a satisfying user experience.

Each user learns about their top three values, what that means for them at work, and well known business people who share their values.