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The Understanding as a Service Network

UaaS is a powerful partner network which collects relevant, fully permissioned data from consumers into an attribute database. These attributes will be ‘who’ data about the complete persona of an individual, which we call DIIP (demographics, interests, intentions and personalities).

Businesses signed up to UaaS will be able to access richer, more valuable data than they could get on their own, while still maintaining exclusive control of their critical first party data. Consumers will have ownership of their personal information within the network, and the ability to decide who it’s shared with.

We’re looking for foundational partners to join the UaaS network.


Make Yourself Happen

To be understood is a fundamental human need, and key to the Understanding Economy.

Youniverse is an app that helps people understand their unique personality, so they can make the decisions that work best for them. It offers dynamic conversation and deep insights into the psychological make-up, values and interests of a person, learning with them and helping them achieve their goals; whatever they may be.

Youniverse is the first link in the chain for the Understanding Economy, providing the platform for capturing the vital ‘who’ data which will transform consumer understanding.

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