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Understanding people is our business, with the vision of bridging communication gaps in a digital world to create a more human, natural web experience. See how VisualDNA are doing this.

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The Company 

VisualDNA combines big data and psychology to reveal more about people and why they do what they do. Our vision is to help people be valued for who they really are. See how VisualDNA are doing this.


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How we collect data

A visual approach

We’ve developed a patented method to create our profiles. We convert scientific personality tests into fun and fast quizzes that can spread virally. We then use those quiz results to infer the psychometrics of a much larger audience.

Our quizzes are not incentivised leading to more genuine answers and their non-linear nature allows us to capture 50-250 data points per user.

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The next generation of programmatic is here

You have a fraction of a second to capture your audience’s attention. How do you do it?

The answer lies in appealing directly to individual personalities using tailored messages. If you don’t understand what makes each member of your target audience tick, you can’t hope to truly engage them and make an emotional connection. And without that connection, your use of programmatic approaches will never reach its full potential and drive the value and efficiency you need in your advertising.

The good news is that the next generation of programmatic is here. This paper explores how programmatic innovation is creating a new culture of creative based on individual personalities. Early adopters are using programmatic 2.0 to deliver compelling, individually-tailored messages that resonate more effectively with each person—at lightning speed and at massive scale. Can you afford to get left behind?

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Case study

Targeting by personality boosts CTR by 800%

Europe’s leading online motoring community (owned by Haymarket Group) used our unique dynamic data segments to boost its personalisation strategy. In a lead generation campaign for Magnitude Finance, achieved an 800% uplift on CTR by overlaying its existing segments with VisualDNA’s rich data. The campaign generated hundreds of well-qualified leads, driving high conversion rates, increased relevance and revenue.

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Case Study

Targeting by personality type boosts ROI by 56%

One of Europe’s large online retailers joined forces with VisualDNA to increase advertising driven sales by serving creative and messages aligned to the personality traits of their customers.

As a result:

  • The retailer saw a 56% performance uplift across the whole campaign

  • An aggregate ROI of 381% from ads targeted based on personality, against the baseline of 244% ROI without targeting

  • A 130% growth in sales for one personality trait alone, with an ROI of 562%

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A new way to know your customers

More scientific, more actionable

Conventional segmentation was not designed for the digital world we live in today. We combine behavioural data, giving accuracy, actionability and scale, with Demographics, Intent, Interests and Personality giving richness and insight. VisualDNA provides true one-to-one segmentation that transcends channels and devices and can be used in real-time. We can help offer relevant products and services or support loyalty schemes and ongoing customer engagement. Segments can be viewed in WHY, VisualDNA’s insights platform, or integrated into existing platforms.

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Boosting performance with intelligent AdWords retargeting

When you’re trying to transform repeat visitors into committed customers, second impressions matter as much as first ones. Discover how a leading retailer is using deep insights to:

  • Increase AdWords click-through rates by 505%
  • Boost conversion by 241%
  • Identify high-propensity visitors within seconds
  • Retarget the strongest prospects with higher AdWords bids

To learn how VisualDNA is helping this leading retailer to drive sales and nurture customer loyalty read the full case study.


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The science

Innovative quiz technology

VisualDNA profiles people using engaging visual personality quizzes which drill into the deep-lying attitudes, values, actions and behaviours that make us unique human beings. Over 40m people have completed one of our quizzes. They’re free to take and are not incentivised – so quizzes elicit honest responses from participants. VisualDNA’s feedback is built by teams of in-house psychologists and based on internationally recognised principals; including the ‘Big 5′ traits of personality.

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Scientific foundations

Insights based on 30 years of academic research

A quick glance at someone in real life tells you more about that person than the most high-tech analytics engines can describe with click data.  Our products change that.  Enabling you to instantly access 45m UK profiles, available in 15 ad tech platforms, VisualDNA describes the most important psychological characteristics of your customers.  Our approach builds on 30 years of academic research and collaborations with leading scientists to show how people who are superficially the same, are really different.

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