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We’ve built a range of flexible Consumer Profiling solutions to give you the outcomes you want. All our products have foundations in the Big 5 personality model, an academic theory measuring Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism (OCEAN), so a limited budget doesn’t mean sacrificing meaningful insight.

We’ve developed a choice of picture-based quiz formats, readymade and easy to integrate with your site. Choose between our Personality Quiz, containing up to 60 questions and personal feedback for quiz-takers, and our Interactive Chat tool.


VisualDNA Quiz

80% Completion Rate

  • Gather a rich profile in one interaction
  • Provide users with an in-depth feedback report, including relevant links and content
  • Option to include PII capture



65% Return Rate

  • Tailored conversation
  • Feedback as you go drives motivation and engagement with your brand
  • Collect large amounts of rich DIIP data and free-text responses
  • Deliver relevant content ‘in conversation’


Highly engaging delivery

Pre-cognitive responses

Quizzes are image-based to generate rapid, honest responses

Non-linear data collection

Our conversational format captures >1000 data points per user in one interaction

Intuitive UX

A responsive, natural UX make quiz-taking easy and fun, leading to high completion rates


Optimised across desktop and mobile


Easy to integrate


A fully flexible product

Work with our creative team to give your quiz a compelling voice or edit to your own style.


  • Adaptable to your site dimensions, our quizzes can appear as an embedded feature of your page or be ad-served to site visitors.


  • Easy to integrate across any site and accessible from any device, your project costs are likely to stay under 50k.



Our solutions work across a range of industries


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