What is DIIP

Traditional consumer data is limited to demographics, interests and intent. VisualDNA adds a psychographic layer of personality data, enabling businesses to grow relationships with their customers based on a complete picture of who they are.

We’re not limited to capturing a consumer’s intentions around which brand of car they want to purchase, when or for what budget. Personality data means we understand how the consumer feels about the next step, how they might approach it and what messaging will resonate best with them.

In the UK alone, we have over 100 million profiles available across 15 major ad tech platforms. We work with leading brands across a range of industries including retail, recruitment, healthcare, market research and publishing.

Google Analytics Dashboard for Performance

We attach Google Analytics tags to all user interactions on a quiz, giving you access to a Google Analytics Dashboard. This makes it easy for you to track performance against your specified outcomes.

Understand how many people are taking your quiz, start and completion rates, answering trends and your drop off rates. Measure whether people finding your quiz organically on your site or as a result of viral spread.



In-depth Insight Reporting

Our rich reports are presented creatively so you can easily visualise and compare your audience profiles. Index measures, charts and the ability to filter by selected segments make deep insight easy to understand and to act on. Provided in PDF, powerpoint or excel format, you can share reports with your marketing and product teams, agencies and partners.


Structured data feed into any platform

We provide a profile data feed into the platform of your choice, meaning you can leverage our insight within your CRM system and action it across multiple channels.

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