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Press Release | VisualDNA releases WHYanalytics; free website analytics tool shows publishers who visits and why

June 26, 2013

  • Powerful, Real Time Understanding about who is visiting your website and what motivates them
  • Reveals surprising insights into how a website’s audience changes hour-by-hour, throughout the day
  • Leverages more than 160 million anonymously profiled users to deliver in-the-moment information that transforms a publisher’s understanding of their audience
  • Free self-service tool enhances publishers relevance to their audience
  • Public beta available at

If Google Analytics delivers the “when, what and from where” of traffic, the newly launched WHYanalytics from audience insights company VisualDNA shows who visitors are and why they’ve come. WHYanalytics is a new web analytics product that reveals the emotional characteristics of any website’s visitors throughout the day, in real time, for free. WHYanalytics is the first of a suite of new products from VisualDNA which will provide clarity in audience segmentation and engagement across the entire online advertising ecosystem.

“The more we know about our audience, the better we can meet brand campaign briefs and monetize our inventory. The addition of VisualDNA emotive insights gives us an even deeper understanding of who is visiting our website and why – delivered in real time through WHY Analytics.”

Simple to use and quick to set up, VisualDNA’s data analytics platform analyses site traffic, matches it to a proprietary database of millions of “quizzed users” – an approach that has helped VisualDNA build a global network of 160 million profiled users—to build a richly detailed profile of who is visiting and what motivates them. VisualDNA then categorizes the visitors into specific segmentations and communicates that back to the publisher to provide a Real Time Understanding of their audience through WHYanalytics.

Publishers use this data to:

  • Demonstrate to advertisers how their websites can reach audiences based on emotive traits, to meet high-value brand-campaign briefs
  • See how their audience changes at different times of day or night
  • Compare the composition of their audience by site subsection or page
  • Expose new, high value visitors that attract more brands and advertisers
  • Sell smart, VisualDNA advertising campaigns tightly integrated with their ad servers, SSP, DSP or DMP
  • Deliver tailored content and messaging to visitors based on their personality, interests, needs and wants

Web-based media planning and buying has traditionally relied on audience segmentation techniques that are more than 50 years old. WHYanalytics represents a clear shift from demographic led profiling to data rich personality based insights and a deep understanding of the audiences’ emotional characteristics. The result dramatically improves publishers’ ability to be more relevant to their audience and attract valuable brands by demonstrating a Real Time Understanding of exactly who is visiting their website through the day.

“Publishers deserve to understand their audience better than they do right now. We are committed to providing site owners—however big or small—with free access to the extraordinary resource that we have built up from more than 160 million profiles,” said VisualDNA founder & CEO, Alex Willcock. “Imagine how much more relevant the average user’s experience with the site will be if they are better understood by the sites that they visit. WHYanalytics is a free tool that gives any website owner, access to real-time understanding of who is visiting their site throughout the day – and what makes them tick.”

WHYanalytics mines VisualDNA’s vast and rich data set to provide publishers with a rich visualisation of their website visitors. The data set has been created by VisualDNA’s team of psychologists, statisticians, designers and engineers who create visual quizzes based on the latest psychological research and applied mathematics.

Leading publishers such as Trinity Mirror group already use VisualDNA data to understand their audience’s demographic and behavioural characteristics: now, after months of trials and testing, VisualDNA can now offer personality insights to any publisher for free, and in real time through WHYanalytics.

“Brands define audiences by emotive characteristics, but most existing analytics tools just give you basic demographic information,” said Shaun Jordan, Digital Sales Director at Trinity Mirror. “The more we know about our audience, the better we can meet brand campaign briefs and monetize our inventory. The addition of VisualDNA emotive insights gives us an even deeper understanding of who is visiting our website and why – delivered in real time through WHY Analytics.”

Subsequent WHY products will help advertisers and media buyers see who is converting on campaigns, allow brands to compare their own website’s visitors to those of competitors and peers and more. By helping brands, advertisers and media agencies build campaigns around in-the moment emotive data VisualDNA is pioneering a smarter, more human approach that understands and services customers’ immediate needs for higher conversions.

About WHYanalytics

Simple to deploy and free to use, WHYanalytics is a new tool from VisualDNA that provides deeper insights into WHO is visiting your website: going beyond standard web analytics and traditional demographics.

Key Features

Dashboard: A simple real-time overview of who’s visiting: the five dominant personality characteristics, plus purchase intent, brand preferences, demographics and uniques.

Personality profiles: Meet brand campaign briefs by showing advertisers what motivates your audience: drill into specific personality traits in 12 emotive categories such as ‘Love’ and ‘Dealing With Stress’.

Complete picture: A deep dive into audience profiling. See how your audience is defined against hundreds of VisualDNA emotive, demographic, purchase intent and brand preference segments such as ‘Luxury Holiday Preferrer’ to ‘iPhone intender’.

Page by page: Compare and contrast your audience’s personality and preferences as they move through your website. Identify high-value inventory and hidden gems by showing advertisers how specific audiences rank on any given page.

Real Time Understanding: Visualisation mode shows how your audience changes in real-time, tracked hour-by-hour, day-by-day, week by week – for a Real Time Understanding of the people behind the traffic.