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VisualDNA launches audience targeting at scale in Germany with 50m German consumer personality profiles in major ad tech platforms

September 16, 2015

VisualDNA, the global leader of digital audience personality targeting, today launches more than 50m German psychographic consumer profiles which are now available via major ad tech platforms, bringing psychographic insight and targeting to German advertisers for the first time.

Over 80 of the top 100 digital advertising spenders in the UK and 1,200 brands globally target digital audiences with Visual DNA for display, video and mobile across retail, finance, auto, travel, tech and entertainment. Brands and agencies now have the opportunity to identify and target German audiences using VisualDNA’s unique personality portraits.

VisualDNA’s consumer research team has developed and launched a German digital personality quiz that provides personalised feedback and advice relating to people’s psychological type and generates a detailed profile of each individual’s demographics, interests, intent and personality type. VisualDNA is a UK market leader providing campaign targeting for major agencies and independent trading desks.

“In bringing our data profiling to Germany, we are opening up a vital market to advertisers all over the world,” said Jim Hodgkins, Managing Director at VisualDNA. “For the first time advertisers can improve German insight and targeting by learning what makes this unique audience tick using our academically proven and patented psychological profiles, advertisers can now serve messages to them that will really resonate.”

VisualDNA understands consumers using a psychological profiling method known as the OCEAN Big 5 which analyses dimensions of Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism. The quizzes are based on images to deliberately trigger a rapid, emotional reaction from deep in participants’ subconscious. In-depth, non-incentivised and free to take, over 40 million VisualDNA quizzes have been completed.

Using advanced algorithms and machine learning VisualDNA has developed a taxonomy of over 800 profile characteristics for 50million German internet users and 500m globally which is distributed in partnership with global advertising platforms including Adobe, AppNexus, BlueKai, Google, MediaMath and Turn and video platforms AOL, TubeMogul and Videology.


VisualDNA is a consumer insights and analytics company combining the science of psychology with the technology of big data so brands can understand their digital audience at scale. VisualDNA uses innovative and patented visual personality profile tests to gather profiles directly from consumers. We use predictive analytics across 500m global digital profiles to power advertising audiences across display, video, search and in both desktop and mobile channels.

VisualDNA was named a Cool Vendor in Consumer Dynamics by Gartner in 2015. Over 80 of the UK’s Top 100 digital advertisers target digital advertising with VisualDNA data in verticals including retail, finance, travel, entertainment, auto and technology, our key markets are UK, USA, Germany and Russia. VisualDNA serves leading media agencies such as Omnicom Media Group, Dentsu Aegis Network and GroupM and technology platforms such as Appnexus, Adobe and Google and targets content and advertising for onsite optimisation and CRM driven by the user’s personality.

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