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VisualDNA integrates with,, DataXu, Krux & Rocketfuel

December 12, 2013

London, 12 December 2013: Audience insights company VisualDNA has completed the integration of its data with five new technology platforms; and both part of AOL Networks; DataXu, Krux and Rocketfuel.

The partnerships will increase the availability of VisualDNA data for advertisers and publishers as the market for big data in digital marketing continues to expand – both for pre-packaged segments bought in DSPs, and custom audiences built within DMPs.

VisualDNA segments, created using self-declared first-party data collected from online quizzes, are already available through AppNexus, DoubleClick Bid Manager, MediaMath, Turn, and Videology.  The addition of,, Rocketfuel and DataXu means that brands using these platforms can now use VisualDNA’s high quality demographic, brand preference, lifestyle and emotive data segments to target niche audiences at scale.

VisualDNA has also sought to partner with DMPs – platforms that bring together multiple data sources, such as social network data, CRM data and third party data to power business analytics and smart targeted marketing – as the market for big data in marketing has grown beyond targeted programmatic advertising.  VisualDNA data can be integrated with a publisher or retailer’s own CRM data to create custom audience segments in DMPs – the partnerships with DataXu and Krux means more marketers can now capitalise on VisualDNA’s powerful profiling technology to build a more detailed picture of their audiences and reach them at scale.

Brian O’Sullivan, MD of Media, VisualDNA, said:  “Programmatic has continued its impressive progress through 2013, and our sales have grown rapidly. We think this growth will accelerate in 2014, as the range and quality of data available continues to improve, platforms continue to innovate, and advertisers dedicate more brand campaign spend to programmatic.“

“Given our expertise in online personality profiling, we’ve invested heavily in psychographic data –creating both a la carte segments for DSPs, and integrations that allow marketers to build rich custom audiences using DMPs. It’s now possible to segment an audience online as you would in the offline world and we expect demand for emotive data to grow as digital marketing gets smarter.”

In addition to rich self-declared, first-party demographic and lifestyle data, VisualDNA’s patented visual personality quizzes uniquely capture ‘emotive’ data online. VisualDNA’s team of psychologists and data scientists then create data that informs marketers about a consumer’s personality traits, aspirations and motivations: the factors that lead consumers to choose one brand over another.

Quiz data are anonymised and scaled using VisualDNA’s propriety inference engine – which matches the online behaviour of known ‘quizzed’ consumers with that of a wider network unknown ‘cookied’ users – to create segments. This allows brands to reach incredibly targeted audiences – much in the same way that they can profile and segment a physical audience – but online, at scale, and in real time. Emotive data gives brands a far clearer picture of online audiences: deeper understanding that’s expected to encourage brands to apportion more advertising spend to digital marketing.

Brian Fitzpatrick, Managing Director, EMEA, AdapTV: “We are delighted to include VisualDNA data segments on the platform. Data is quickly becoming a standard part of brand advertiser campaigns and VisualDNA provides some of the most accurate information in the industry.”

David Shapiro, VP Corporate & Business Development at DataXu said: “DataXu’s programmatic marketing platform enables the world’s leading agencies and brands to increase the efficiency of their digital marketing investments. The integration with partners such as VisualDNA is a critical part to making marketing more efficient, effective and easy. Further, integrating with VisualDNA offers our global clients an additional rich dataset, allowing them to reach and connect with consumers in even more targeted and effective ways.”

Richard Foster, MD of Europe, Krux Digital said: ““Krux is the only full-service platform for digital companies to manage all their data – web, mobile and offline – in one place.  Our new integration with VisualDNA further enriches our clients’ abilities to understand their audience data by accessing the rich demographic, brand, lifestyle and psychographic data from VisualDNA’s large European network.”

David Nelson, European Product Director, Rocketfuel:  “We see VisualDNA as having a stand out offering.  Their use of declared user interest and not implied is a key differentiator and we’re thrilled to now be partnering with them.  This quality data, harnessed with the power of Artificial Intelligence, bolsters Rocket Fuel’s ability to improve marketing ROI in digital media.”



About VisualDNA

VisualDNA helps businesses to understand people online, using a patented technology that makes it possible to create uniquely rich and accurate personality profiles.

Our unique approach is driven by the science of converting big data from millions of opt-in visual personality quizzes into audience profiles. By comparing this data to that collected through our global network of publisher partners, we then identify internet users with similar traits to create scalable segments that power targeted online advertising.

Our segments are available through all leading media-buying platforms, enabling advertisers to reach clearly defined audiences at scale: segmented by Demographic, Intent, Brand Preference, Lifestyle and Emotive characteristics. The result is highly effective, data-enabled advertising for some of the world’s best known publishers & brands.

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