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Optimise advertising solutions by targeting the right users

Are users researching a holiday or merely browsing travel articles? Are they primed to buy a sports car or simply fantasising? VisualDNA helps publishers overlay browsing behaviour with demographic information (age, gender, social class and family size) and rich psychographics (personality, interests) so you can uncover your users’ motivations, propensity and ability to purchase.

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Case study Pistonheads.com

Targeting by personality boosts CTR by 800%

Europe’s leading online motoring community Pistonheads.com (owned by Haymarket Group) used our unique dynamic data segments to boost its personalisation strategy. In a lead generation campaign for Magnitude Finance, Pistonheads.com achieved an 800% uplift on CTR by overlaying its existing segments with VisualDNA’s rich data. The campaign generated hundreds of well-qualified leads, driving high conversion rates, increased relevance and revenue.

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Maximise audience value

Emotive segmentation drives ROI

VisualDNA transforms the generic into the specific by adding a layer of contextual data to a user’s demographic, interest, intent, and emotional drivers, which provides publishers with a holistic overview of their audience that can outperform other methods of targeting by a factor of ten.

Data onboarding

Bring your offline customer database online

VisualDNA enables publishers to enhance targeting capabilities further by supplying valuable offline data to their online audiences. A strategic partnership with CallCredit Information Group means that complementary first party data can also be synchronised with millions of users resulting in rich audience insights and incremental revenue streams.

The benefits

Target the right audience and increase your CPM

VisualDNA’s unique emotive insights complement a publisher’s first-party data, to improve the relevance and effectiveness of targeted advertising. The result is that publishers can raise premiums by improving performance for both brand and direct response campaigns, increasing engagement levels, and reducing impressions wasted on the wrong audience.

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VisualDNA for Publishers

Attract new brands

Publishers that use VisualDNA's rich audience insights and segmentation are able to attract new brands to their site. Win new business by matching advertising opportunities and campaign briefs with the unique make-up of your audience.

Increase CPMs

Act on the understanding of what makes your users unique using rich audience targeting that will lead to increased CPMs on display advertising space and more effective campaigns for the brands and agencies you work with.

Extend reach

Understand which sections of your website attract specific audiences. With Nielsen Marketing Cloud you can discover the undervalued, high-potential areas of your site, extend your targetable reach and the number of impressions served.

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