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VisualDNA converts people from physical form into digital language using big data and psychology: Demographics, Intent, Interests and Personality (DIIP)

Our clients use VisualDNA’s data and our WHY platform to deliver engaging one to one experiences in the marketing funnel that go beyond what can be done with conventional data sources.

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Search Retargeting

Understand the personality traits of your website visitors and retarget prospects with high LTV.

WHY for Search Retargeting

Audience Targeting

Understand which personality traits of your best customers and acquire more people like them.

WHY For Targeting

Customer Experience

Understand your customers’ personalities to deliver the ultimate personalised customer experience.


A new way to know your customers

More scientific, more actionable

Conventional segmentation was not designed for the digital world we live in today. We combine behavioural data, giving accuracy, actionability and scale, with Demographics, Intent, Interests and Personality giving richness and insight. VisualDNA provides true one-to-one segmentation that transcends channels and devices and can be used in real-time. Segments can ve viewed in NMC, our insights platform, or integrated into existing platforms. We can help offer relevant products and services or support loyalty schemes and ongoing customer engagement.

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The art of segmentation in 2015 - change the game

Armed with new data on the psychology, behaviour and buying propensity of online consumers, brands and advertisers can build more precise and detailed segments, adapt their communications strategy to reach each segment on an emotional level, and find new people similar to their existing best customers online. The result? Larger, more engaged and higher spending audiences that can be reached more easily and cost-effectively. Download our whitepaper to find out more.

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Case Study

Targeting by personality type boosts ROI by 56%

One of Europe’s large online retailers joined forces with VisualDNA to increase advertising driven sales by serving creative and messages aligned to the personality traits of their customers.

As a result:

  • The retailer saw a 56% performance uplift across the whole campaign

  • An aggregate ROI of 381% from ads targeted based on personality, against the baseline of 244% ROI without targeting

  • A 130% growth in sales for one personality trait alone, with an ROI of 562%

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