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Retarget online shoppers who are more likely to convert

Looking for new paid search strategies? With VisualDNA you can shift your SEM focus from keyword optimisation to retargeting high purchase propensity prospects, or ‘look-a-likes’, of your best customers – extending reach, improving conversion rates and reducing cost per sale.

Our proprietary profiling methodology and world’s largest database of Demographics, Interest, Intent and Personality profiles – 100m in the UK and over 270m globally – helps you understand the personality traits of your website visitors and build retargeting lists for High LTV customers.

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Boosting performance with intelligent AdWords retargeting

When you’re trying to transform repeat visitors into committed customers, second impressions matter as much as first ones. Discover how a leading retailer is using deep insights to:

  • Increase AdWords click-through rates by 505%
  • Boost conversion by 241%
  • Identify high-propensity visitors within seconds
  • Retarget the strongest prospects with higher AdWords bids

To learn how VisualDNA is helping this leading retailer to drive sales and nurture customer loyalty read the full case study.


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How it works


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Campaign Example

AdWords AdWords + WHY Analytics Benefits
Setup Setup
Create one remarketing list for landers & another for buyers Create remarketing lists based on the buying power, personality traits & demographic profiles Higher relevance
Remarket according to where a user has dropped off in the funnel Improve efficiency based on high vs. low purchase propensity Higher conversion rate
Optimise Optimise
Tailor bids – raise bids for existing customers & keywords matching for products viewed Tailor bids – raise bids for high LTV customers, reduce bids for low LTVs Lower cost per sale
Broaden keywords – cross sell new products to existing customers Broaden keywords – target wider brand
preferences and interests
Higher reach
Customise ad text – reflect products viewed & add a sense of urgency Customise ad text – tailor messages & landing pages by personality traits Higher CTR and conversion rates

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