#1 Audience Data Provider

100m UK consumer profiles, 340m - globally

From 2015, we offer market-leading audience targeting reach of 100 million UK consumer profiles which makes us the clear number one data provider for the advertising industry.

Agencies and advertisers using our data can now precisely target their audiences at unprecedented scale.

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The unstoppable rise of programmatic

How 2015 will bring more growth and higher advertising ROI

After some lean years, growth is back on the agenda for the ad industry. In this white paper, VisualDNA explains why the adoption of programmatic will be faster and further-reaching than most people think, especially for video and other high-value inventory. In 2015, the combination of programmatic approaches and new data sets will help brand spend become smarter and more targeted, cutting CPMs and driving up response rates, for greater ROI.

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The proof

Emotive segmentation drives ROI

Brands want to, on a one-to-one basis, speak to real people, not just demographic groups. Adding psychographic targeting to demographic targeting creates a new opportunity to better align typologies and segments with planning and buying activities. With this rich insightful information agencies can increase the value they add for brands as they approach relevant, connected customers across the digital ecosystem.

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How we collect data

A visual approach

We’ve developed a patented method to create our profiles. We convert scientific personality tests into fun and fast quizzes that can spread virally. We then use those quiz results to infer the psychometrics of a much larger audience.

Our quizzes are not incentivised leading to more genuine answers and their non-linear nature allows us to capture 50-250 data points per user.

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