About VisualDNA

Psych tech for a better world

VisualDNA was started in 2006 in order to change communication between people for the better. By combining the approaches of data scientists, psychologists, creatives and engineers we have crafted new ways of understanding the human personality, allowing people to understand themselves and businesses to serve their customers better. We want to enable a web where people have control of their own data, and where the organisations who they choose to share it with can use it as constructively as possible.

The science

Innovative quiz technology

VisualDNA profiles people using engaging visual personality quizzes which drill into the deep-lying attitudes, values, actions and behaviours that make us unique human beings. Over 40m people have completed one of our quizzes. They’re free to take and are not incentivised – so quizzes elicit honest responses from participants. VisualDNA’s feedback is built by teams of in-house psychologists and based on internationally recognised principals; including the ‘Big 5′ traits of personality.

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It all started with a quiz

From 30 emails to 40m participants

Founder Alex Willcock designed and built a psychographic personality quiz – based on pictures – in his Sussex home in 2006. Initially, just 30 emails were sent to friends and family, asking they take part. The results created a business…

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