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Increase your advertising revenue with the world's most complete psychometric profiles.

Despite all the targeting technology, most consumers still see most online advertising as spam.

With the world’s biggest pool of psychometric profiles, we uncover how people really see the world, allowing genuinely targeted advertising that talks to them as individuals.

Our segments include interests, lifestyle, tastes, motivations, brand preferences, and purchase intent (among others), delivering lower CPAs and better integration with clients’ brand strategies.

How we collect data:a visual approach

We’ve developed a patented method to create our profiles.  We convert scientific personality tests into fun and fast quizzes that can spread virally.  We then use those quiz results to infer the psychometrics of a much larger audience.

Our quizzes are not incentivised leading to more genuine answers and their non-linear nature allows us to capture 50-250 data points per user.

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Case study:Airline

We partner with Callcredit to merge on and offline audience targeting data, delivering innovative and accurate 360° profile of online consumers. This case study highlights how our psychographic segmentation led to unprecedented conversion results for a leading UK airline when targeting a hard-to-reach high income segment.

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Audience targeting thatmatches client briefs

Our profiles are not just more cost-effective at driving acquisition, they also fit well with brand goals and overall brand strategy.  Because we can tell you how people think, not just what they buy, our segments can be matched with high-level briefs.  To learn more about the kinds of segments we can profile, we have a fact sheet for you to read.

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