Credit & Risk

Not everyone has a credit score

… but everyone has a personality. VisualDNA has proven a link between a person’s psychological traits and their financial behaviour.

We’re now working with top international lenders to unlock credit for as many of the world’s 2.5bn ‘unbanked’ people as possible.

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Marketing Services

Unrivalled audience understanding

Our audience insights offer businesses a 360 degree look at their customers and who they are, not just where they’ve clicked.

Knowing who customers really are enables better service, and makes for better business.


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Make Yourself Happen

Youniverse is an app that helps you understand your unique personality, so you can make the decisions that work best for you.

Youniverse engages you in a dynamic conversation and offers deep insights into your psychological make-up, values and interests. It learns with you and helps you achieve your goals; whatever they may be.

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