VisualDNAfor Business

We use new techniques from psychology and data science to help you understand your customers better.

We currently work in two sectors: marketing services and credit & risk services. Both use our patented visual method for sourcing psychometric data.   And in both, we aim to transform the way people are understood for the benefit of both businesses and customers.

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UnderstandCredit & Risk

Lend to the right people by understanding their financial personality.

We can determine any customer’s psychometric traits and predict how they’ll affect future financial behaviour, without needing a credit history.

Our products drive profitability and also allow the provision of credit to the unbanked, potentially raising millions out of poverty.


Credit & Risk Services

Be valued foryour real self

Both businesses and customers benefit from better understanding

As a company we are determined to give more than we take and to use our technology to create a positive social impact.  We believe that people should be treated with respect and that they have a right to control their own data.

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About Us

See your customersnot the complexity

Predictive analytics powered by psychometric data.

WHY is a suite of tools to supplement standard site analytics.  Because it’s powered by our unique data it is as actionable and precise as analytics but as descriptive and powerful as segmentation helping you find and keep the highest value customers.

Predictive analytics

Targetyour advertising

Increase your revenue with the world's largest psychometric database.

We have profiled over 280m people and created over 900 segments which you can use to better target your online advertising.

Our approach is based on scientific personality types that are proven to predict a wide range of behaviours, unlike traditional marketing segmentations.  Our case studies prove this can reduce CPAs and increase effectiveness.


Data sales

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