Putting emotion intotechnology

VisualDNA brings a new layer of information to the world of technology that will help bring it closer to the people who use it – making it more enjoyable and relevant.

Technology provides businesses with a surfeit of DATA – what and when. However it provides very little in the way of UNDERSTANDING – who did things, and why they did them. We see this effect in all areas of business from marketing to financial services. Despite all the targeting and site metrics, digital marketing isn’t getting any more effective. And despite all the data gathering there’s a limit to what credit histories can tell financial services about customers and potential customers.

We have a different approach. Our free personality tests give people an insightful channel for self-discovery, an experience that they find rewarding enough to share virally. This provides us with information about personalities, which we combine with internet user data to create millions of profiles. It’s a balanced system where everyone wins – people learn more about themselves, our clients improve their business performance, and we get to work in a fascinating and ground-breaking field.

In the financial sector this approach has led to a five-fold increase in ROI, in media we have seen 35% improvement in click rates.

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Increase your advertisingrevenue

Target your audience like never before with the world's most complete psychographic profiles.

Our behavioural inference technology helps advertisers reach millions of the right consumers by targeting over 900 audience segments or creating custom segments specific to your needs.

Our customised digital publishing services give your audience a more personal and relevant web experience. Whether you’re an ecommerce or news site, discussion forum or small business, we’ll help engage and convert your visitors.

Our innovative audience targeting works wonders for media agencies, helping them deliver more relevant campaigns and increase revenue.

Our products also act as a communication and education channel. By opening a deeper dialogue with your customers, you can offer a more informed and personal experience.

Let data drive you

Make accuratefinancial decisions

Lend to the right types of people by fully understanding their financial outlook.

After discovering a correlation between an individual’s psychometric profile and their financial behaviour, we developed a series of products to help financial services.

We can determine a customer’s personality traits and predict how they’ll affect future financial behaviour. Such predictive understanding coupled with consumer and industry data will help you make more educated lending decisions.


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Engage more consumers,more of the time

Analyse and optimise your audience with our WHYanalytics suite.

Our WHY tools provide real-time analytical capability to help you maximise performance. Publishers can find out who’s visiting their site and why, helping deliver relevant content to the right people. Advertisers and agencies can target the ideal audience, and track and audit campaigns to help improve conversions.

Unlock audience insights

Discover thetrue you

Take our fun quizzes to learn more about yourself, get advice and communicate your interests to the digital world.

Want to learn about yourself and make great decisions? Well, we can help.

After completing one of our free and entertaining quizzes, you’ll get detailed personality feedback offering insight and advice on different areas of your life.

Our quizzes are crafted by expert psychologists and based around a series of images, giving you a fun and creative way to find out more about yourself. We’re passionate about giving you a high quality and useful path to self discovery.

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